We have a research team to assess the client’s market situation, including understanding customers and competitors. We develop ideas and execute it as per the consumer behavior and current market needs. We also test creative ideas by conducting focus group sessions with selected members of the client’s target market in order to get their reaction to several advertising concepts. Research assessment is also done following the completion of an advertising campaign to measure whether the campaign has reached its objectives. Market research, pretesting, post-testing, brand, campaign audit etc. are done by ANS Creation.

We believe in cracking and developing research based communicative ideas and campaigns. Our experienced team involves in developing communication strategies, generating ideas, designing concepts and creating the final communication message/output keeping in mind the current market dynamics. We provide 360 degree creative concepts and ideas, offering the highest levels of strategic rigor in every field of advertisement. Moreover, we are involved in conceptualization, designing and execution of the below mentioned services.
We design or create graphics to meet specific commercial or promotional needs keeping in mind the concept developed as per the requirement of the client as well as the consumers because ultimately the consumers’ taste and preference matter the most. From corporate identity (business cards, letter heads, envelope, etc.) & branding, to logo designing, print media creative, POP, POS, outdoor publicity, corporate and product brochures, annual reports, direct mailers, leaflets, calendars, packaging designs, house journals and newsletters, posters, and any other kind of graphic designing required in brand building, advertising and communication.

We have in-house Audio-Visual production and editing facility with experienced people and latest equipment and software. Television commercials, Music Video, documentary, TV Programs, animated scroll ads, illustrative A/V, animations, short film production, 2D & 3D designing, corporate audio visuals facilities and many more A/V facilities are available at ANS Creation.

We have a modern and well equipped in-house recording studio where all kinds of composing, recording and editing for radio jingles/spots, radio dramas, songs etc. are done.

We strategically develop concepts, select sites, and conduct survey planning and placement of all conventional and non-conventional outdoor services. We also customize fabrication at all modern and traditional outlets for in/on shop branding and at point of sales (materials such as banners, glow signboards; flex prints, display stands, wall paintings, shutter paintings and many more). We are experienced in outdoor activation at malls, supermarkets, departmental stores, cinema halls etc. We have our own in-house BTL production facility equipped with latest technology and skilled manpower (BTL Media).

Once a communication message or an advertisement is created, it must be placed through an appropriate advertising media. Understanding the nuances of different media is the role of a media planner, who looks for the best media match for a client and also negotiates the best deals. Our team has the experience of getting the right message in front of the right audience in cost effective way, for which we do:

Media Research

  • Identify which media reach the target audience most effectively.
  • Record and provide the SOV (Share of voice) of the client and their competitors
  • Analysis based on various available data and reports

Media Planning

  • Planning the best media mix (ATL, BTL and TTL) and timings to achieve the client's marketing objectives.
  • Schedule the media as per the reach to the target audience.
  • Plan the media with high coverage in the most feasible and effective cost(s).

Media Buying and negotiation

  • Getting the best value for money out of the client's media budget
  • Involve considerable negotiating skills.

We provide media planning and buying services in the following media:

  • Newspapers (National dailies and local newspapers)
  • Magazines (National and local magazines)
  • Television Channels
  • Radio / FM - Kathmandu and Out of Kathmandu ValleyOnline portals
  • Cinema Halls and mall display/ DTA
  • Scroll advertisements in Indian Channels through cable operators
  • Outdoors
    • Activations
    • Hoarding Boards
    • POPs and POS

We help our clients increase the performance by managing their communication issues strategically. Good, effective public relations can bring value in a product or service. It is the most cost effective marketing activity available to a company with new product or service. At the right time, we provide a combination variety of important PR activities and tools such as:

  • Press Conferences.
  • Image-building in media.
  • Press Releases.
  • Annual Meetings and other Special Meetings.
  • Advertising
  • Sponsorships
  • Publicity and Promotion

We have a team of highly trained professionals to conceptualize, conduct and manage any form of event for our clients. Be it a launch event of a large scale, a road shows or national and regional exhibitions, we manage and organize the pre-event, execute the event and coordinate for post event activities. Also, assist and provide consultations for the presentation and conferences so that our clients can get more focused on their core business.

We also provide media planning, designing and buying service on digital media such as social media platform, mobile apps, Wi-Fi branding and online portal advertisement and many more. Digital Media Marketing is now popular with the marketers as it allows them to target and track many aspects including their return on investment(ROI) more accurately as compared to other traditional marketing channels.
Specialization in the management of the Social Medias of our clients is also a major priority for us.